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Required investments: € 240 000

Current business. Working capital is required. Sale share of 16.8%.

About Yachtering

Automated yacht provisioning system

Automated yacht provisioning system (Adaptive website) for yachtsmen in the Mediterranean that allows ordering products and household goods based on the selection of dishes right to the boat at supermarket prices.
Food delivery to the yachts directly becomes available with www.yachtering.eu. In order to book a delivery a captain should go through few stages which will define quantity, location and details of a buyer.
This service available in country where boat and yacht sport is developed and part of a lifestyle (Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Spain ...).

Ambition & concept

Difficult to buy exact volume of food:

  • Big quantities thrown away
  • Money lost

Clients would like to eat well on yachts, but preparation of good & tasty meals is difficult:

  • Limited, not familiar and low quality equipment
  • Limited space on yacht
  • Limited possibility to keep fresh products (small and bad function fridge/freezer)
  • Moving environment (waves)
  • No time & willingness to spend time on cooking

The program is a ground-breaking Startup and was approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy.

As part of the requirements for the development of the project - the software is patented both at the code level, and at the level of consistency and order form in the patent chamber of Milan.


Want to see how it works? Go to the site!

You can get acquainted with the interface and functions of the system in detail.

Estimated 2 400 000 people
have chartered a yacht in 2016

Total average budget spent for yacht rental: €2 500

Average budget for food provisioning per person/day (excluding beverages and restaurants):

€ 22 / €924 week for crew of 6 pax
Estimated 20% of the provisioning is not consumed - €74 000 000
Yachtering market

Market description

The total number of boats in the countries covered, of which about 40% are willing to order provisions for new tenants. Each specified point is in the delivery area of ​​the product supplier and is fully operational. It is necessary to put the curators in the main areas of business for the first three months.

The average number of people when renting a boat is from 5 to 7 people, depending on the class and type of a boat. For regattas, it is about 20 people. Duration of the events is 6 days.

The average check for a team of 5 people is € 1,000. Thus it is possible to have prior turnover per week: € 750 000.

All goods are presented at a price "as in the nearest grocery store". In fact, the buyer saves on delivery and time to choose and plan food supplies for a large number of people.

Special Yacht sets.Provision boxes.

10 minutes box

10 minutes box

10 minute box - a set of products for cooking, if you want to work for no more than 10...

Charter box

Charter box

A special set of products for use on a yacht. The set is intended for charter companies and charter fleets...

5 minutes box

5 minutes box

5 minute box - a set of products for cooking, if you want to work for no more than 5...

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