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Required investments: € 510 000

Current business. Working capital is required. Sale share of 16.8%.


About Sunguinit

Sunguinit: Service commissioned by the food on the basis of a blood test.

  • Client: buyer products recommended on the basis of a blood test.
    The client contacts one of two ways to the system. Through an interface in the presence of the analysis result.
  • Dietitian: a group of specialists on-line to determine the blood type of the analysis menu.
    Attracted nutritionists make up the diet and recommendations based on the analysis of the client, partner uploaded.
  • Supplier: wholesaler or retailer of food self-delivery.
    Supplier delivers a suite of products based on a blood test at the specified address of the client.

User experience.

Client - the user of the system.

Need: The system is designed for the opportunity to provide a combined service for consumers wishing to obtain a comprehensive service and getting the blood test the dietician consultation together provide the necessary products. Turning to the site, the consumer has the choice between ordering a blood test to provide data necessary for:
  • determining the diet
  • on-line consultation
  • delivery order
Features are implemented - ordering blood test in one of two ways:
  • Calling Service capture assays based on the selection of the locationconsumer
    Preparationto access the system determining the nearest laboratory usingnavigation and geolocation functions of the device.
  • Input on the blood analysis data based on an online form, which is filled sequentially
Thus, the main function of the system: Combining nutrition based on a blood test and service delivery of food-based sets.

Working with the system by the user.

Selecting if necessary conducting a blood test can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Method 1: the order of the analysis to the desired location. To implement the system connected to the laboratory and the clinic performing the taking of blood on the road.

The user must enter the address and other data to determine the place of provision of services.

All goods are presented at a price "as in the nearest grocery store". In fact, the buyer saves on delivery and time to choose and plan food supplies for a large number of people.


Perhaps choose a place of taking among clinics and laboratories partners at their location using the built-in device used (geolocation and routing).

The system's users are on-line. You do not need to stand in line or wait. A free partner will answer you in 5 minutes and you will be able to get the necessary service.

You can call a representative of a certified laboratory who can take a blood test at the place you specify. You can request and verify the partner certificate. All certificates are available.

You can find the address convenient for you and donate blood at the location of the partner.


Dietitians work.

System involves aggregation of hospitals and laboratories.

The principle of the aggregator (remove) would have coverage in all possible areas, including remote.In the absence of capacity to deliver in hospitals, integrated delivery system with the help of logistics companies.

Medical partners get access to its own interface - order management system, prices and delivery to control cooperation.

The system involves the aggregation of nutritionists.

It provides two main areas:

  • the definition of the necessary diet, including meals
  • on-line consultation

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Required investments: € 510 000

Current business. Working capital is required. Sale share of 16.8%.

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